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04/2006 - 04/2008
Studying existing software and hardware to made evolutions on an ultra-pure water purifier system.
Development and debug with Lauterbach probe of the Graphical part of the system made with EmWin library, evolutions made on CAN management, RFID management, UART driver, interrupt management, under OS called Quadros.

10/2005 - 03/2006
Study of the low level software architecture for the new TELECOM 3G platform to determinate modifications to make in function of the chosen peripherals (as screen,
camera, audio amplifiers…) for the future product.

    06/2004 - 09/2005
    Drivers development and customization of the low level API in mobile phone industry.
    Modifications of the software delivered with the Baseband (ARM9 + DSP TI) to implement final product features :
    • Control of the audio amplifiers via I²C bus (used for call communications, tones, melodies, mp3 player...)
    • Control of FM radio tuner via I²C bus .
    • Customization of the delivered driver used to access and detect mini SD Card.
    • Study of the Bluetooth driver delivered to check the compatibility with customer needs.
    • Study and test of the Keyboard management driver.
    • Modification of the management and detection accessories module (Headset, carkit….).
    • Hardware study of the detection mechanism of the Battery Charger on the USB link.
    • Actions to increase the capability of the Power Energy save module of the product.
    Participation to specification phases, in documents writing and code (C under UNIX / Linux, and Clearcase for configuration of version).
    Support to development teams (Hardware, Software) during debug steps (with Lauterbach probe), and to the integration team of the product.

    10/2000 - 05/2004
    Software Conception (C++ with visual Studio C++ 6) and DSP code (C code) of several acquisition system (for digital and analogical signals, radar, video) based on PCI card equipped with DSP (TMS320C64x, C67x, C62x from TI) for the real time processing.
    Application sample :
    • Video radar signals recorder allowing high flow rate sampling (50Mo/s) on 4 acquisition boards simultaneously (up to 4 asynchronous channels on each board).
    • Modification in real time of the DSP’s filtering parameters and recording configuration by the PC MMI (made with MFC).
    • Boards re-synchronization, signals dating (by an IRIG module) and channels multiplexing by DMAs are made by the embedded software in the DSP.
    • Visualization on the PC MMI of the record status (rate of flow, error status...) of each acquisition board, data recording on SCSI discs (1 disc per acquisition board) made on PC side. Several data visualization mode (raw, formatted) are available from the PC MMI.
    • Capability of control the recorder via TCP/IP network from a far station by a remote control.
    • Software specification document writing of several modules of the recorder.
    • Software and hardware integration and validation with the customer.
    • On site support to help the customer to integrate the digital recorder in the final system which works with several kind of radar.

    PC software conception and integration (MMI in C++ with MFC under Visual Studio C++ 6) for edition of recording parameters and control of a spy module for embedded buses (HDLC, 1553, serial links, DPRAM, discreet signals). - Communication between PC/ and Spy module made by Ethernet with TCP/IP protocol to send configuration parameters, control commands, and the back up of the spied data stocked in the spy module flash memory.

    Development of drivers (C++) and SDK (C et C++) :
    • For PCI audio/video evaluation board equipped with a DSP (TMS320C6415).
    • For PCI acquisition board equipped with an AMCC PCI chipset and DSP C67x / C62x.
    • For a JTAG TI DSP emulation board (TMS320C6xxx…) with working on the hardware debug phase.
    • Writing of a generic driver and a generic SDK which control any PCI and PCI-X board, improving IO accesses, memory accesses, interrupt management and DMA control.
    • For high flow rate PCI-X acquisition board.
    • Development of libraries (in C and C++) of several daughter boards which can be 4 mounted on PCI acquisition board (ECL technology, Hotlink, TTL, optical signal, analogical signal...)
    Drivers debug phase made with SoftICE.

    Development of several MMI Made in C++ with MFC under Visual Studio C++ 6, and lot of applications in C++ (multi-threaded) to setup sampling electronic system, to control data flow, or data viewer and interpreter.

    Writing of documents of conception, specifications, test board, and acceptance request.
    Help and hotline to customers.
    Hardware / software and systeme integration made, acceptance requests passed with customers for the developped system.
    Stock and export management of several electronic boards.


    7/2000 IUP GEII of BORDEAUX
      Master’s degree in Electricity and Industrial Software.
      Specialization in Automatic and controlled systems.
    6/1998 IUT GEII of POITIERS
      Technical degree in Electricity and Industrial Software.
      Specialization in Electrotechnic systems and in Electrical Engineering.
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